27 Tons Firewood Processor

Leave the difficult and exhausting task of making firewood a thing of the past. The RR27T and his 16'' cutting capacity will be your best friend before winter

  • Our Firewood processor Red Runner is powered by a 14 H.P 4-cycle Kohler gas engine. *optional Honda GX390 motor
  • It features a slant cylinder design, with a cast iron cylinder bore and overhead valve for easy access
  • The Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and life of the engine
  • In addition, this engine is backed by a 3 year commercial warranty and can be serviced through your local Kohler dealer
  • The Red-Runner RR27T Firewood Processor is capable of cutting more than 2 cords an hour and will fit 16 inch diameter logs and up to 16 feets in length
  • The log can be cut into lengths from 10 to up to 22 inches.




Optional Engine

pto - Without motor

  • Kohler Command PRO CH440 14 HP
  • Electronic start
  • Air cooled 4 stroke with inclined single cylinder gasoline engine
  • Quad-Clean filter for extreme conditions
  • Hot air recycling system for winter conditions
  • 3 years Kohler Warranty
  • Honda GX390 Premium 13 HP
  • Electric start with 3 amps CDI lights quick charging system
  • Air cooled 4 stroke with inclined single cylinder gasoline engine
  • Improved camshaft and muffler providing up to 5 dB noise reduction related to the engine
  • Double layered air filter
  • 3 years Honda Warranty
  • No mobile or road option available with this model

Saw section

  • Manual saw lowering system easy to use with its 25 lbs cylinder. The easiest to operate compared to every other personnal wood processor on the market
  • Continuous chain lubrication system with visible indicator and large capacity tank. A simple valve to open or close, efficient and reliable
  • Openable saw cover, allowing easy access to the splitter
  • PARKER USA superior quality hydraulic saw motor allowing a powerful cutting speed of 6000 rpm
  • Reinforced hydraulic system to prevent the overheating of the hydraulic oil
  • Safe to use; if the cover is opened the saw stops immediatly
  • Original 18 inch Stihl blade
  • Original 325 Stihl chain
  • Works with up to 16 inches of log diameter
  • Includes an easy-to-read ruler to measure the desired lengths of cuts for the last log, possible to cut logs between 10 and 24 inches long

Splitting section

  • Fastest hydraulic splitter in his category with a 6 seconds cycle time
  • Easy and really safe splitting clutch. It is as easy to start as to stop, stops automatically when the saw cover is opened
  • Splitting power of 27 tons nominal
  • Quick return of the splitter's cylinder
  • Adjustable oil flow system
  • Oversized screen oil filter, easy to clean and environmentally friendly, allowing high precision filtration
  • Filter indicator, it will tell you when it's time to clean it

Specially for you

  • Hydraulic circuit well protected
  • Hydraulic power output double vale
  • Engine emergency stop button
  • Hour counter to allow you to easily follow your maintenance

infeed table section

  • Maximum length of 10 feet long logs at the input, can be increased to 16 feet with the addition of a feeding table in option
  • Premium quality entrance conveyor belt, helping for the manipulation of the logs
  • Simple and safe log locking system while you saw. The saw will not start if the log is not locked in place

exit conveyor section

  • 15 inch wide exit conveyor
  • 10 inch superior quality conveyor belt with steel covered conveyor cleats
  • Conveyor length 10.5 feet, foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • 1200 lb winch for conveyor height adjustment
  • Stronger and secure winch rope

Mobile section

  • 1 adjustable jack with a swivel wheel to increase the stability and movement of your firewood processor​
  • 12 inch wheel/tire low speed rating (maximum 70 km/h) and fenders
  • 2 inch towing poles drawbar and safety chain

Road option

  • 1 adjustable jack with a swivel wheel to increase the stability and movement of your firewood processor
  • High quality TorFlex suspension, 20.5 "x8x10" tires on chrome mags, large aluminum fenders
  • 2 inch towing poles drawbar and 3500 lb safety chain
  • Road signs integrated in the processor
  • Illuminated license plate support
  • Certified D.O.T.reflective stickers


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