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Red Runner 27T Standard Firewood Processor

(4 customer reviews)

Performance at the best price, no compromise.

  • Powered by a 14 HP Kohler gas engine (3-year warranty)
  • Able to produce more than 2 cords an hour
  • Can take logs up to 16-inch in diameter and up to 16 feets in length
  • The log can be cut into lengths from 10 to 22 inches
  • The Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and life of the engine

8,995.00$ 7,995.00$

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4 reviews for Red Runner 27T Standard Firewood Processor

  1. Greg

    Is their a larger horse power motor available?
    Is there other wedges available., what size wedges are availible.
    Where can I c one operate.?

  2. Ed hughes

    Wanting to try this unit out like to be a dealer for northern nova scotia ,

  3. M D

    Impressive! I just picked up the standard 27 firewood processor and couldn’t wait to try it out. So far I have only put through about 1/2 a cord and it works very well. Like any new tool or machine there’s always a bit of a time to get into the rhythm. But once you get that figured out, it processes a lot of wood quickly. I only ran the unit at a fast idle which was fast enough for me to learn. The unit likes logs of at least 6″ or larger. Smaller logs work but not as smoothly or efficient as larger ones. So far very impressed and the only negative for me is that the log clamp requires a moderate amount of force and thus ones arm gets fatigued over time. (However my office job may be a factor). The unit is built quite well where it counts and with care should last many years. Don’t forget to open chain oil valve AND set needle valve flow control and turn off after shutting down. I like that the 4 way splitter can be adjusted very quickly if doing various sized logs. If working alone I think you will definitely want a log cradle to load up multiple logs for more efficiency. I hope this helps someone out there.

  4. Peter M

    I was skeptical at first because of the low price compared to other brands but after 50 cords done so far I can tell you that this machine is really great!

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