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The Little Blue is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy to use, high-quality portable sawmill at an affordable cost.

  • Honda engine (13HP GX390 / 20HP GX630)
  • 4 frame tube dimensions available
  • Can saw logs up to 30 inches in diameter and 21 feet long
  • Electric saw head positioning
  • User-friendly One-step-Go feature exclusive on every Vallee Portable Sawmills
  • United States: In accordance with U.S. motor vehicle regulations, please note that this equipment may not be used on roads or highways without being properly loaded onto a compliant trailer. Off-road use only.

Additional options & accessories

Additional Log Clamp

Additional Log Leveler

Stainless Steel Beam Protectors

Protective Cover for Sawmills up to Green Monster

Maintenance Kit for Little Blue 13HP

Pair of One-Way Loading Ramp (Max 24" Logs diameter)

Manual logs turner with Manual winch

Manual logs turner with Electric winch

One-Way Loading Ramps + Log turner with Manual winch combo

One-Way Loading Ramps + Log turner with Electric winch combo

Hydraulic Log Lift for Sawmills


Proudly made in Canada

Since 1998

The Little Blue is a great option for sawyers who want all the benefits of a high-quality portable sawmill without breaking the bank. Having all the great capabilities of most commercial-grade bandsaw mills, the Little Blue is small and mighty!

This Canadian-made sawmill’s 30-inch diameter capacity makes it ideal for turning logs into boards, planks, and beams. The Little Blue is great for a variety of applications as it is fully customizable to your needs. From frame sizes to engine’s power, you can build your very own Little Blue adding as many options as desired.

The Little Blue includes many features of bigger Vallee portable sawmills models. It comes with electric adjustable height, levelers, log clamps and a heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel frame, making it very durable. This sawmill is also equipped with a powerful Honda engine that allows it to do the job quickly and hassle-free. Every Vallee portable sawmill is designed to be both efficient and easy to use. Our portable sawmills are incredibly easy to set up, transport and use. Our Vallee’s exclusive One-Step-Go technology allows to activate the engine, blade and lubricant as well as brake removal in a single motion.

All of our Vallee portable sawmills are delivered pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the factory. They are designed to make the process of sawing logs into lumber a simple and easy task. The sawmill comes with everything you need to start sawing; all you have to do is add the wood!



Saw head


Optional towing equipment

(Not permitted on U.S. roads)


Activates the engine, blade and lubricant, and removes the brake in a single movement.

11 reviews for Little Blue

  1. Victor Scott

    I got mine after 7 months and I’m telling you it was worth the wait, all fun and straight boards!

  2. George Horodeski

    I’ve had my Little Blue for three years now, and absolutely love it. The more I used it, the more I appreciated the design of the components. This little saw works great, and easily handles anyting you put on it, even when you need to do some creative chainsaw work to get a slightly oversize log to fit through the mill. All around great saw. It trailered easily from St-Denis-de- Brompton to our home in Saskatchewan, a distance of over 3200 km.
    I will also give full marks to the people at Vallee. They were great when we picked it up and were there when we needed a few extras. Keep up the good work!

  3. Robert Brown

    Do you guys finance ?

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Robert, we do offer financing, simply contact your local dealer for all the details.

  4. Rob Martin

    Have owned for 3 years and nothing negative to say about my Little blue. Very good sawmill and it has even increased in value since the purchase! Would highly recommend

  5. Jamie

    Would like information on your product

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Jamie, you can contact us by email using the ”Contact Us” tab or by phone at 1 (800) 577-2722.

  6. romeo dubreuil

    just got the mill.. little blue with 23 hp brigs motor cuts amazing great product. glad i got lrger motor.

  7. Peter

    excellent machine one of the best and it shows what made in Canada really means. Can cut 2000 board feet a day with this mill no problem at all. cuts straight lumber with no headaches.

  8. Romeo Dubreuil

    so I`ve had the mill for 9 months and I love it cant say enough good things about it. I did get the brigs and stratton 24 hp motor… glad i did. I have sawn up about 10 thousand BF for a 3 stall garage and will be doing another 5 thousand for all the sheathing stock out of pine. most of the wood was hemlock i had cut up and it cut it like butter. love the power up and down feed for the saw head cant imagine cranking that every time. it has allready paid for itself and i look foward to doing small timber frame sheds and cabins for sale next year when i retire
    Thank you vallee

  9. Cory McNutt

    Look like a good mill!, three weeks behind so far on delivery for mine so I will let you know!🤷‍♂️ but so far it’s cost me 3/4 of the month I had excitedly set aside to get to know it, and not looking good for next week! So in short, their logistics could use some work!

  10. Sonny rickett

    i have built sawmills fully automatic and run several styles .wow guys great job greT quality .great deighn motor honda cant beat em saw guides nothing cheap on this part great desighn there .head movment wow raise lower simple desighn high qualty parts.high quilty craftsmen or women cheaked every single saw mill out there by far this desighn quality parts craftmanship.easy use easy setup.blown away the compotion .i am not an owner of this mill. have no afiliations with company just a master carpenter with milling experince since early age.have seen em all and built several my next mill will be from here.i would gladly and proudly sell these mills .

  11. Ivan Hodder

    I have had my Little Blue for 2 yrs now (150 hrs) and just loving it, so glad I spent the extra money to buy a great Canadian made product 😊🇨🇦

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