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Featuring a Honda engine, a complete road package and many upgraded components, the Red Runner Deluxe is the best-equipped recreational firewood processor in its category.

  • Can take logs up to 16-inch in diameter, able to produce 3 face cords/hour
  • Road package: high quality Torflex suspension, wheel fenders with LED signals, 10" wheels with high speed tires*
  • Powered by a 13HP Honda gas engine
  • Equipped with an 18 inch OREGON chainsaw with automatic lubrication system
  • Full-length infeed conveyor
  • High quality conveyor belts with 30 degrees left/right swiveling exit conveyor
  • Hydraulic wedge height adjustment
  • *United States: In compliance with U.S. road safety and vehicle regulations, please note that this equipment may not be permitted for towing on public roads or highways. For more information, please refer to the NHTSA and your state's specific laws and regulations.



saw section

splitting Section

Infeed conveyor section

Exit conveyor section

Towing equipment

(Not permitted on U.S. roads)


12 reviews for Deluxe

  1. Jeffrey Sawyer

    Nice little processor ! Traded my standard for deluxe and im very happy with it. The honda engine and all other options are really worth it

  2. Norbert Bourgoun

    Can you leave it outdoor in the rain

  3. Paul

    It needed some minor improvements at first but overall very satisfied with my Deluxe

  4. Andrew

    the machine i wish i had 20 years ago

  5. Steven Dickinson

    Does anyone know if that does a two full cord of wood or is it a face cord per hour

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Steven, we are talking about face cords (4’x8’x16”).

  6. Mike McCaffrey


  7. William milburn

    Do not know rating yet I am looking for a dealer or how to get one of these machines

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      I invite you to consult the ”find a dealer” section of our website to find the nearest dealer. You can also contact us at 1 (800) 577-2722 for further assistance.

  8. Shane Smith

    Good evening

    Hi this is Shane . I would like to order a 27T Pro
    with all the accessories. Who much does it cost and how long does it take when I order one ?

    Shane Smith

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Shane, please call us at 1 (800) 577-2722 or contact your local dealer for a quote.

  9. Christopher keats

    what’s the overall weight of the unit

  10. Donald Verna

    I purchased the unit at the end of April from Lumberjack Shack in MI. The dealer has been very good. About three weeks ago I had a part fail when a split jammed and I have been waiting semi-patiently. Some story about customs issues. It is very frustrating. I really like the unit but if the company cannot get its act together with respect to supplying parts to the US, I would caution American buyers about making the investment. Saving money is nice but a machine that is down for over three weeks is not acceptable. Today, the dealer told me they hope to have the part sometime next month. IMO replacement parts, that a customer will install, should be shipped to the customer ASAP. Maybe charge the customer for shipping. I would rate the machine a solid 4, the dealer a 5 and Vallee a 3. I will update later if my opinion changes.

  11. Donald Verna

    The company came through and got the replacement part to me! Since the part arrived I have been getting more time on the machine. It has operated very well and when my friend from church came over last week to process wood he said “WOW!!” We processed 5 face cords in 3 hours with some junk wood. When we had a bunch of 6-10” logs, we did 1.5 face cords in less than 40 minutes.

    One issue is splitting force. I need to put a pressure gauge on to check it out. It struggles with 12-14” logs. Not a deal killer but something to watch for unless you want to deal with a jam that is not easy to clear.

    I would definitely buy it again but would upgrade to the new model with hydraulic log hold down. Again, my dealer, Lumberjack Shack in Michigan has been excellent.

    I have used a Dyna processor in tie past. It a a commercial unit but costs four times as much. I could not justify investing over $50k for my needs. I will be running a small side business and this unit is a good fit. If you intend to make a living selling firewood, my recommendation is to look at the commercial machines.

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Donald, thank you for taking the time to share your 27T Deluxe experience with us. Although there was a slight delay in delivering your replacement part, we are delighted to learn that you are now enjoying the performance of your processor.
      Your feedback regarding the splitting force issue with larger logs is important to us, and we will definitely use it to drive future improvements. Additionally, your commendation of Lumberjack Shack in Michigan, our trusted dealer, is greatly appreciated.
      Your choice to invest in our equipment is highly valued, and we want to express our best wishes for your ongoing success in your firewood side business!

  12. Chris Mozal

    I just purchased the 27t Super Deluxe and Titan live deck from Lumberjack Shack in Michigan as well. They are supposed to arrive next week and am looking forward to seeing what it can do. As far as lumberjack shack, they are hands down some of the best people to deal with and I highly recommend them!! I will update again after I get some time on the processor.

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