Pascal International Inc.  provides a 1-year consumer warranty on all our wood chippers. The warranty can be reduced to six (6) months when using the chipper for commercial use. Commercial use is defined by the total use of the wood chipper exceeding 50 hours per year. The accessories related or used with these wood chippers are not included in this warranty. For this warranty to be effective, the machine needs to be registered as soon as it is purchased (a maximum of 48hrs after purchase will be allowed). A copy of the registration form can be found on our website, as well as in this user’s manual. The warranty extends solely to the original purchaser of the chipper and cannot be transferred. This warranty protects the customer concerning any defects on his machine relative to the material, manufacturing or assembly, it does not include the normal wear parts (Blades, bearings, driving belts etc.)

Use of Warranty

When a chipper under warranty needs work, Pascal International Inc.  will, at its discretion, provide service and/or replacement parts to the original purchaser. It is important to note that this warranty does not include labour, transportation costs and/or other costs associated with replacing parts. Pascal International Inc.  reserves the right to discontinue, change, or substitute any parts, models, or materials. Pascal International Inc.  also takes the right to decide the carrier which the replacement parts and/or equipment will be transported. Any express shipping request will be granted if possible, at an extra cost to the client. Any request relative to the warranty of these products needs to be accompanied by photos and/or videos and/or the defective part itself for Pascal International Inc.  to analyse and respond to the request.

Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not cover normal wear and after-market modification or damages that could occur from negligence. Wear parts following normal usage, and structural parts which wear out prematurely due to improper use or any usage not recommended by the user’s manual, are not covered by this warranty.. Pascal International Inc.  takes the right to make the final decision concerning warranty eligibility.

 In no event shall Pascal International Inc. be liable for death, personal or property injury, or damages arising from the use of its products.

Warranty is given solely to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Parts Under Warranty

Pascal International Inc. commits to do everything in its power to have inventory concerning all spare parts. In rare cases, parts may need to be ordered from external suppliers, in which case the customer will be notified upon arrival. Pascal International Inc. will not be liable for any damages caused by the unavailability of parts.

Warranty Exclusions

Items considered normal wear and tear include, but are not limited to: belts, knives, clutch, pulley etc. are excluded from this warranty. The motors are not included in the Pascal International Inc. warranty, they are linked to the manufacturer’s warranty (Lifan).

Warranty Cancellation

Unauthorized modifications completely annulates the warranty. The modifications include, but are not limited to, welding, modification of the engine, modification of the structure, modification of the mechanics, modification of the pump and / or of the hydraulic system, etc. The warranty is void if the user does not respect the assembly and/or operating & maintenance instructions.

Consequential Losses

Pascal International Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses, arising directly or indirectly from the product, whether such claim is based upon breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability in tort or any other legal theory. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Pascal International Inc. specifically disclaims any damages relating to (i) lost profits, business, revenues or goodwill; (ii) any expense or loss incurred for labour, supplies, substitute machinery or rental; or (iii) any other type of damage to property or economic loss. Pascal International Inc.  will not issue credits or refunds on products purchased directly from a distributor or dealer.

Engine Warranty


Engine’s warranty is honored and enforced by the manufacturer of the engine and covered by the warranty’s period also stated by the manufacturer. All engine repairs, services and replacement parts cannot, and will not be performed by Pascal International Inc. The engine or complete piece of equipment must be taken to your local engine dealer to receive warranty service.

Warranty registration form

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