Vallee Bandsaw Blade Tooth Setter

Manually operated bandsaw tooth setter that adjusts two teeth at a time.

  • Over time, the blades of your portable sawmill will become dull and the teeth will lose their precision, reducing the efficiency of the blade and the quality of your cuts. An improperly set blade can cause irregular cuts, grooves or bends in your boards. Ultimately, this can even generate excessive heat in the blade, resulting in premature wear and tear of the blade. The Vallee bandsaw blade setter allows you to adjust two teeth at the same time to ensure optimal cutting performance. This premium quality manual tooth setter is easy to use, compact in size and ultra robust. The feed handle is designed so that the operator does not need to manually count the teeth and position the blade correctly. With a single movement of the feed handle, the blade moves forward three teeth (left, center and right) to allow for the next adjustment in a snap.


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