Short for "SWING & ROAD", the JOY SR pushes the limits of performance and mobility. This model inherits all the features of the JOY 30T, and boasts a pivoting exit conveyor, heavy-duty belts and a complete road package.

  • Can take logs up to 20-inch in diameter, able to produce 4 face cords/hour
  • High quality Torflex suspension, wheel fenders with LED signals, 10" wheels with high speed tires
  • Hydraulically controlled outfeed conveyor that swivels from left to right
  • All the operations regrouped and controlled with a simple joystick
  • Powered by a 22HP Honda gas engine
  • United States: In accordance with U.S. motor vehicle regulations, please note that this equipment may not be used on roads or highways without being properly loaded onto a compliant trailer. Off-road use only.




saw section

splitting Section

Infeed conveyor section

Exit conveyor section

towing section



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