Maintenance Kit for Red Runner 27T Standard

Everything you need for annual maintenance of your Red Runner 27T Standard firewood processor.

  • Light chainsaw oil (1x)
  • Engine oil 10W30 (1x)
  • 130 Octane Gasoline Treatment (1x)
  • Saw Sprocket (1x)
  • STIHL chainsaw chain (1x)
  • Pack of 3 files 3/16 (1x)
  • File guide and file 3/16 (1x)
  • Blade actuator cable (1x)
  • BPR6ES Spark Plug (1x)
  • Moisture meter (1x)
  • Red Runner sticker logo (1x)
  • Bucket and Cover (1x)
  • Vallee trucker hat (1x)


SKU: PI-0171


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