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Designed for bigger logs, the JOY 30T combines strength and precision. Its hydraulic controls ensure maximum performance, making every job easier and faster.

  • Can take logs up to 20-inch in diameter, able to produce 4 face cords/hour
  • All the operations regrouped and hydraulically controlled with a simple joystick
  • Powered by a 22 HP Honda GX690 gas engine
  • United States: In accordance with U.S. motor vehicle regulations, please note that this equipment may not be used on roads or highways without being properly loaded onto a compliant trailer. Off-road use only.

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saw section

splitting Section

Infeed conveyor section

Exit conveyor section

towing section


12 reviews for JOY 30T

  1. Gino Lavoie

    Belle amélioration, bravo! Peut-etre améliorer le côté esthétique et trouver un système facile pour récupérer la sciure de bois ou le brin de scie dans le futur. Mais, félicitations pour ces changements appréciables qui améliorent la productivité et la robustesse de la machine.

  2. Dominique Fiset

    Est-ce que la hache à 6 est std sur ce modèle ou en option comme le modèle plus petit?
    La description dit lame de 24” permettant 20” de coupe mais plus bas, ça dit billot maximum 16”. C’est quoi le diamètre maximal de billo réel? J’ai du gros bois chez nous 🙂


  3. Dominique Fiset

    Ok, je viens d’écouter le vidéo et ça a répondu à mes questions. C’est 20” et le 6 buches est inclus.

  4. Brandon Morris

    A real beast! With a partner who feeds the wood onto the table we can do over 3 cords per hour easily. We could do even more if the outfeed conveyor was swiveling like the 27T deluxe.

  5. Carl David

    Nice machine I would like to learn more

  6. Nelia

    Great machine! Still waiting for a owners manual

  7. Brad Francis

    I got my joy 2 years ago and very happy with it

  8. Kevin Green

    Can you ship to the USA in. West Virginia.

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Yes it is possible, however there will be an additional import tax in the United States on the JOY30T since it is considered an Asian made product. Please contact us at 1 (800) 577-2722 for more information.

  9. Louis

    Est-ce qu’on sais c’est quoi la longueur de buche que peut ajuster

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Bonjour Louis, le JOY 30T permet de scier et fendre des bûches allant jusqu’à 21 pouces de long.

  10. Derek

    Are there any machines working west of Manitoba? Would like to know more.

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Derek, you can contact our dealer located in East Braintree, Manitoba to schedule a demonstration. Here is his information: Alliance Forestry Products, 1-800-230-5431.

  11. Paul Ladd

    Just like to say first that this processor works great.
    Hands down. I would recommend anyone to buy it.
    But I had some problems with it and the log table.
    I contacted the company and they help me through the problem and shipped new parts right away.
    Customer service was top notch.
    They stand back their product they sell.
    I would buy anything from this company.
    Thanks again valleeforstry for your help.

  12. John Goertzen

    I’m interested in the machine,also interested in maybe becoming a dealer for Saskatchewan. I seen a 27t working and I sure liked what I saw.

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi John, thank you for the positive feedback. We have forwarded your request to the Business Development Department who will be in touch with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can reach us by phone at 1 (800) 577-2722.

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