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For advanced sawyers who need even more performance, the Big Red XP offers a larger engine and increased cutting capacity.

  • Honda 20HP GX630 engine
  • Heavy-Duty steel tubing frame 2'' x 6'' x ³⁄₁₆'' and 2 inches wider than Big Red
  • Can saw logs up to 32 inches in diameter and 21 feet long
  • Equipped with beam rollers to facilitate the movement of the lumber
  • Electric saw head positioning
  • User-friendly One-step-Go feature exclusive on every Vallee Portable Sawmills
  • United States: In accordance with U.S. motor vehicle regulations, please note that this equipment may not be used on roads or highways without being properly loaded onto a compliant trailer. Off-road use only.

Additional options & accessories

Additional Log Clamp

Additional Log Leveler

Stainless Steel Beam Protectors

Protective Cover for Sawmills up to Green Monster

Maintenance Kit for Big Red XP Sawmills

Pair of One-Way Loading Ramp (Max 24" Logs diameter)

Manual logs turner with Manual winch

Manual logs turner with Electric winch

One-Way Loading Ramps + Log turner with Manual winch combo

One-Way Loading Ramps + Log turner with Electric winch combo

Hydraulic Log Lift for Sawmills


Proudly made in Canada

Since 1998

The Big Red XP essentially has all the features of the regular Big Red plus a powerful 20 HP Honda engine and a wider frame for increased cutting capacity. The Big Red XP is ideal for prolonged and rigorous use with its ergonomic design, increased sawing capacity and frame rollers that will allow you to move logs and boards effortlessly. Capable of taking logs up to 32 inches in diameter, this Canadian-made mobile sawmill will allow you to produce your lumber in the easiest and most efficient way. The Big Red XP comes standard with a 24-foot long frame, and has two additional levelers and two log clamps to allow you to saw two logs in one pass.

The Big Red XP features electric height of cut adjustment, four levelers, four log clamps and a heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel frame, making it very durable. The Big Red XP is also equipped with a powerful Honda engine that allows it to do the job quickly and hassle-free.

Every Vallee portable sawmill is designed to be both efficient and easy to use. Our portable sawmills are incredibly easy to set up, transport and use. Our Vallee’s exclusive One-Step-Go technology allows to activate the engine, blade and lubricant as well as brake removal in a single motion. All of our Vallee portable sawmills are delivered pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the factory. They are designed to make the process of sawing logs into lumber a simple and easy task. The sawmill comes with everything you need to start sawing; all you have to do is add the wood!



Saw head


Optional towing equipment

(Not permitted on U.S. roads)


Activates the engine, blade and lubricant, and removes the brake in a single movement.

9 reviews for Big Red XP

  1. Remick campbell

    Looks real good

  2. Remick campbell


  3. Kevin MacIsaac

    If made in Canada, looks Like a great mill. also with the Honda motor.. Just wondering , approx shipping price to PEI? Also prices Thank You.

  4. Dan Mainville

    Very nice unit with 21 foot log capacity makes it easy for16 foot logs plenty of deck space. Engine has great power all around a great unit for my first mill

  5. Russ Romeyn

    Have the big red xp for a little over 1 year now. Great saw mill. No problems with it. Definitely worth the cost.

  6. Jeff Dejax

    I bought the Big Red XP in May 2021, never having owned or used a mill before. However, YouTube videos are a great and easy learning tool. I’ve used the mill now for about 1500-2000 boars feet of cutting…. And I’m relatively impressed. The Honda is flawless. The mill frame is solid… although I did notice a tiny bit of “sag” in the middle and found it necessary to “eyeball” the length of the frame to ensure a flat travel plane.
    I haven’t encountered any problems at all as of yet, other than the learning curve that would be normal. For instance… I’ve been surprised how quickly blades can become dull. I find that in cutting Douglas Fir as I’m doing, about two hours of cutting is all
    I can count on. Otherwise, I’ll get wavy cuts.
    The mill itself is very well-built, and the Honda delivers plenty of power. If you ensure it has a solid footing, and you change blades frequently, you will love this machine. If I could change one design issue, I would raise the log supports 2”-3” above the frame so that forms from a loader could set a log down. Otherwise, I am very happy with my purchase.

  7. Dwain White

    I have used mine for a year now.I am very happy with it,a very good low tech design,good common available parts,frame is extremely strong.Honda motor starts good ,is not loud,and is fuel efficient.When you pick it up at the dealer it is fully assembled which saves a ton of time. I really like the blade height adjustments and other blade adjustments. A very good well designed and quality manufactured machine. If something happened to this saw and I had to get another one I would get the same one and not even look at other kinds.

  8. Roger Kenny

    Hi How can I adjust the thickness off the blade , I have 1/4″ from Logs support to Blade. never had that problem before, and can’t found nothing on Owner manual for it. Thanks in advance for your support.

    • Vallee Forestry Equipment

      Hi Roger, there are two adjustment bolts on the lower sides of the sawhead. For detailed instructions, please contact your local dealer or our service department at 1 (800) 577-2722.

  9. Steve

    I purchased my first mill little blue hd se from Darrell’s sawmill sales in pembroke I like the the mill so much and used it a lot I just recently upgraded to a big red xp Darrell is an excellent guy to deal with

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