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Big Red SE

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The portable sawmill that packs a punch. Built with the same specifications as a regular Big Red, this version comes equipped with a 20HP Honda motor

  • Most popular portable sawmill, all necessary is included
  • It can cut logs up to 21 feet long with 30 inches diameter
  • This  Big Red SE version comes equipped with a 20HP motor
  • The Big-Red saw 2 logs at the same time, a revolution in the industry
  • User-friendly One-step-Go feature exclusive on every VALLEE's sawmills




Saw head

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road option

1 review for Big Red SE

  1. Jeff Dejax

    I bought the Big Red XP in May 2021, never having owned or used a mill before. However, YouTube videos are a great and easy learning tool. I’ve used the mill now for about 1500-2000 boars feet of cutting…. And I’m relatively impressed. The Honda is flawless. The mill frame is solid… although I did notice a tiny bit of “sag” in the middle and found it necessary to “eyeball” the length of the frame to ensure a flat travel plane.
    I haven’t encountered any problems at all as of yet, other than the learning curve that would be normal. For instance… I’ve been surprised how quickly blades can become dull. I find that in cutting Douglas Fir as I’m doing, about two hours of cutting is all
    I can count on. Otherwise, I’ll get wavy cuts.
    The mill itself is very well-built, and the Honda delivers plenty of power. If you ensure it has a solid footing, and you change blades frequently, you will love this machine. If I could change one design issue, I would raise the log supports 2”-3” above the frame so that forms from a loader could set a log down. Otherwise, I am very happy with my purchase.

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