Aspen 4 – Alkylate Petrol

Fuel for air-cooled four-stroke engines

  • Aspen 4 is a clean high-octane alkylate gasoline designed to power your sawmill, firewood processor, log splitter, lawnmowers and other four-stroke engines. Aspen 4’s cleaner formula helps reduce the amount of carbon build-up and deposits in the engine, making it operate more smoothly and more efficiently. Your engine will be easier to start, and the fuel has a far longer shelf life than that of standard fuels. Aspen 4 is an ethanol-free alkylate fuel formula specially designed with professional users in mind. Largely free of hazardous components such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons, Aspen 4 burns cleaner and lowers harmful emissions for the equipment operators and surroundings. Quantity: 1 US Quart / 0,95 L


SKU: PI-0454


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